Kiwi Bloke on Myrtle Beach Golf

In Myrtle Beach, South California, you can enjoy in the world’s best golf courses. It is not all, because the place has such a beautiful nature, and wildlife is very rich around here. If you are a golf lover, this is the place you cannot miss. Courses are all around the place, and you can choose the one you like the most. You will enjoy in your favorite sport like never before. However, there are certain myths related to this magnificent place and I want to disprove these myths and expose the best golf packages that you can find in Myrtle Beach.


1. If you played before, in a course that was not in the perfect condition, it will look the same next time you come to play – Not true.

This place is very competitive when it comes to golf. Yes, sometimes it may happen that the course is not in the perfect condition, because of the weather, and moreover, the grass is very robust. Maintenance is very important, which is why the course will be cleared very fast.

2. Courses in the Myrtle Beach have obligatory charts in order to speed the play up – Not true.

The main reason why mandatory carts exist is the economics. This is actually pretty simple. From the moment golf courses were built, by the time they were popular, and of course, busier. More and more players visited the courses, and they wanted to utilize the carts. There were some very busy days, when there were so many golfers who wanted to rent the carts, and there were not enough carts around. That is why many golfers were pretty angry. There were so many clients who wanted to rent the carts, and that is why the courses decided to make everyone ride.

3. Certain courses creating special golf packages and providers are adding some surcharges for you, if you want to play in their gold course – Not true.

Myrtle Beach golf packages started several decades ago; to be, it was during the sixties to be precise. In that time, there were only a few golf courses in which you could play your favorite sport. For every person who wanted to play, price was the same on each gold course. However, golf became more popular, slowly, new golf courses were built. All those courses were improved, and building and maintaining those became more expensive. Of course, people who visited the place were delighted at new and improved courses, which is why they wanted even better ones. After a while, there were a lot new and costly courses. Providers did not want to raise the costs for their clients, and prices of basic golf packages stayed the same. However, for all those people who wanted to pay on the more expensive courses, certain fees were added to the basic packages.

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