Finding the Best Heated Massage Chairs

Finding the best massage chair can be a difficult process if you don’t know where to start. There are hundreds of choices to choose from which can make the journey harder on you. Buying the wrong chair could end in a nightmare and become one horrid hassle for all involved. When looking for the right heated massage chair you want to search for something that will rarely break down, are using updated technology, have quality mechanical and electrical components, and has a reasonable price. So, here is a list of some good heated massage chairs to look for when you start the journey of seeking out your perfect chair.

best massage chair

The first chair on the list is the MB Series Massage Chair. This chair is considered on of the best medical massage chairs made. While most best massage chairs are just meant for massaging this one goes above and beyond by performing medical functions. Designed by a group of doctors, the MB Massage Chair is packed full of real cool features like Chiropractic bodoly twists technology. This feature not only stretches your body but also twists your entire body side to side helping to relieve pain in other ways. It also features shoulder massagers meant to help remove knots and tension. The chair has an extrem customization system that helps to adjust it to your body size for optimal use.


The next best thing would be the Panasonic EP-MA73. It has a very smooth, sleek, and simple design and is a high quality chair. With thick padding and 33 airbags paired with the advanced roller system, this chair is sure to relax you as you use it. It features wonderful heated rollers for feet and body, Junetsu massage, and body scan technology. The chair is very user friendly and comes with an LCD screen on the remote so that you know what parts of your body are being massaged.


Last but not least is the Fujimi EP8800 Massage Chair. You can never go wrong with Japanese technology and this chair is here to prove it. The durability and technology of this chair are outstanding. It provides 8 massage programs for specific users to help you find the right one for yourself. With a total of 53 airbags you are guaranteed to get a ver thorough massage from this chair. It has a 12-point physical therapy feature as well that will get your sore muscles relaxed in no time. The chair also possesses 3D intelligent massage technology which detects the structure of your body to massage it with the right amount of pressure. For optimal use you can combine the 8 different types of massages with different massage methods such as shiatsu, kneading, tapping and rolling to open up more massage options for yourself.


Hopefully your heated massage chair shopping experience is a good that ends in you getting the best quality chair to suit your needs. With so many options out there to chose from you are sure to find the perfect fit for you.